2022 La Pine Frontier Days in our new location!

2022 La Pine Frontier Days

2022 Presidents Message

Frontier Days is back with a bang! After treading lightly for 2021, we are rocking the "land" with more entertainment than ever before! Starting things off with Friday the 1st with the Newberry Family Band warming up the crowd for the hugely popular Central Oregon Band Precious Byrd.

Saturday, the 2nd, features the cool sounds of Mission Blues starting the evening, and with Bend's Cheyenne
West & Dry Land Stampede taking us into the evening hours. Sunday, the 3rd, brings the warm sounds of La Pine's Just Us, Jeff & Julie Cater, and then another Central Oregon favorite, The Parnell.

You are not done yet because Monday, the 4th, is the Frontier Days official 4th of July Band The Armadillos leading things off for a bang up finish with The Highway 97 Band!

All this as well as the usual Apple Pie Contests, Kid's Games with a NEW EVENT this year the Endurance Stick Pony Ride through the "Grove". The Mountain Menare joining us again and they are bringing kid's games as well! Let's not forget the Kiddies Fish Pond and the Kiddie Train! Plus the Lawnmower Races, the Talent Show, the Woodcutter's Breakfast and the Woodcutter's Jamboree are on again ... as well as the Beard and Moustache Competition and the Men's Beautiful Legs Contest.

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Why do we celebrate the 4th of July?

Why do we celebrate the 4th of July?

When our forefathers declared America's independence from Britain on July 4th 1776, the 4th of July became our Independence Day!

Fighting the Revolutionary War, with General George Washington at the helm and representatives from each of the original 13 colonies to write and establish, not only the original Constitution, but the bill of rights (the first of 10 amendments to the original constitutional document). 

When the war was over and George Washington was installed as our first President, the entire nation joined in celebrating our new nation! Betsy Ross designed and sewed our first Flag with representing our struggle to be free Red- represents hardiness and valor, as well as courage and readiness to sacrifice. It is also sometimes said to represent the blood shed by those who have fought to protect our freedom and our country. Blue- signifies justice for all, as well as vigilance and perseverance. A reminder that we must remain watchful and strong. White-white signifies innocence and purity. The 13 stripes and circle of thirteen white stars on a field of blue were for each of the colonies.

Our greatest symbol is our national flag. When we go to a parade or an event where the flag is presented formally or simply waves above on a flag pole, respect is shown by attendees by covering the heart with the right hand, men remove their hats, unless they are military, while we join together for the National Anthem or to pledge allegiance.

A flag should never touch the ground. If it does, owners should take it to a place where it can be disposed of properly. In La Pine, call the Fire Department. If you fly a flag, it should be taken down at night unless you light it up for display.

The 4th of July is a time for family and friends to remember why the day is important to our country by sharing history of the nation and the 4th of July family stories with the youngest generation.

If you live where you can see a fireworks display, enjoy the time together. This year, because of fire danger in our area, fireworks are a residential no no, so pack up the kids for the 10 o'clock tradition by Frontier Days.

Be careful and have a safe and happy 4th of July!




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